Managing Anxiety Due To COVID-19 Threat

Our State of Mind during our Health Emergency

Doc Shauna Springer, a psychologist and leading national authority on emotional trauma, discusses the psychological impact of the COVID-19 threat and shares 5 actionable ideas for coping with emotional stress related to managing our state of mind during this global health emergency.

Tele Town Hall with Congressman Scott Perry

THANK YOU to more than 6,500 constituents who joined my COVID-19 Tele-Town Hall last night! I was joined by Dr. Peter Dillon of Penn State Health, and Dr. / “Doc” Shauna Springer, a nationally trusted psychologist on trauma recovery, for an engaging discussion on the physical, mental and emotional toll of our current crisis. We’re in this fight together, and with each other’s support, we’ll get through it. I hope you found the discussion helpful; if you missed it, please find the full recording here.

Doc Springer was recently interviewed by Dov Baron, for his #1Fortune500 Podcast, “Leadership and Loyalty.”
In this episode, we discuss why veterans sometimes privately hate the term "resilience,” Trauma associated with the COVID-19 global health crisis, and how we can lead ourselves - and those we serve - through a time of crisis.

Doc Springer and Marine Corps Veteran Arturo Weber teamed up for an interview for CBS Eye on Veterans – to share a really hopeful story of an innovative approach to overcoming trauma. This aired nationally on FM radio stations across the country published an article Doc Springer wrote about an innovative treatment for trauma, one that has been game-changing (and life-saving) for many of her patients.

Doc Springer has contributed to recent pieces in US News and World Report - including an article about suicide risk and COVID threat

US News and World Report article on how to talk to social distancing skeptics

Military Times Articles: Now, civilians are experiencing the same kind of crisis stress that is well known to military veterans - Dr. Shauna Springer

The invisible enemy that stalks us — firearm suicides — and how you can fight it - Dr. Shauna Springer

Psychology Today Articles: The Psychological Impact of COVID-19: Key points we are missing as a society.

SOS From the ICU: Why Are Some Americans Not Practicing Social Distancing?

Doc Springer interviewed Senior Master Sergeant, 1st SGT Erin Esquer on how even leaders need to take a knee sometimes – for Veterans Voices (runs about 10 minutes long)

An Open Letter to Our Nation’s Warriors : I’ve had the honor of walking with the strongest and bravest in our society — and it’s clear to me that those who others call “heroes” still need their tribe…

Dr. Shauna Springer, said some emergency personnel are suffering from "overwhelming guilt at times because of those they can't save." "They tell me that they carry a heavy burden of responsibility when they lose a patient," she said, adding that every life lost "can feel like a moral injury."

Doc Springer featured on NEWSMAX TV “There is a sacred trust – when we send our warriors into battle, we protect them. Putting them at personal risk by not providing them with adequate personal protective equipment, we are violating this sacred trust.” - Doc Springer

5 signs your coronavirus anxiety has turned serious, threatening your mental health, and what to do about it

CNN Health Interview with Sandee LaMotte as featured on CNN and in The Philadelphia Tribune

Dr. Oz feature

Signs Your COVID-19 Anxiety Is Threatening Your Mental Health

Business Insider Interview

Thrive Global

Suicide is killing frontline medical workers, but mental-health experts say the situation is far from hopeless

This Is Our Opportunity to Take Action on Mental Health (by Arianna Huffington)

Doc Springer’s article and her new book WARRIOR was featured on - CNN Health

Doc Springer’s unique role within circles of warriors and what WORKS to prevent veteran suicide was featured in a recent piece published by Abbie Bennett of Entercom Media (a CBS affiliate)

“Support the newest warriors: Those on the frontlines of the Covid-19 pandemic”

‘Lower your shield’: How Marines are defending each other in their deadliest battle yet

Military Times published the Foreword of Doc Springer’s latest book, WARRIOR: How to Support Those who Protect Us, written by 1st Recon Marine SGT Eddie Wright, a recipient of a Bronze Star for valor in combat operations

COVID-19 Causing PTSD in Doctors and Nurses

Doc Springer interviews with VICE’s Lee Adams, who explores the coronavirus pandemic’s mental health consequences on the healthcare workers tasked with combating it and the parallels between the post-traumatic stress injuries of active-duty soldiers & frontline healthcare workers.

Understanding the Warrior Spirit by Sgt Eddie Wright (Military Times)

Military vets and fireworks: A complicated relationship - By Shauna Springer, CNN

Watch for PTSD in Healthcare Workers Following Their COVID-19 Experience

Watch for PTSD in Healthcare Workers Following Their COVID-19 Experience

“The military community has a love-hate relationship with fireworks. That is, many either love them, or hate them, depending on their past experiences ... and sometimes, they love and hate them at the same time…”

A NEW Model for Trauma Care: The Fusion of Biological and Psychological Approaches

Dr. Shauna Springer, Dr. Jim Lynch, and Dr. John O’Kiishi propose a new model for Emotional Trauma Care to shift the current paradigm

Will COVID-19 Force Us to Develop A New Model for Sexual Trauma Care?

Doc Springer predicts a surge of need for trauma care due to sexual assault since the start of COVID-19 shelter in place orders and proposes innovative approaches to meet this need.

Doc Springer appears on WCIU TV’s “THE JAM”

Innovation in veteran posttraumatic care requires collaboration

Join Doc Springer and hosts of “The JAM” for a lively conversation about the psychological impact of COVID-19 as it pertains to PTSD, anxiety and trauma

Dr. Shauna Springer, Dr. Jim Lynch and Congressman Scott Perry join forces to present the need for an innovative, collaborative approach to emotional trauma care

Treatment that reduces PTSD should be allowed to be used by more veterans: lawmaker (Pennsylvania Real Time News)

Doc Shauna Springer interviews for PENN LIVE about the TREAT PTSD Act proposed by Congressman Scott Perry

Coming Soon…Doc Springer contributed to a piece in VICE piece that is in final production