Doc Springer is considered one of the world’s experts on PTSD, Trauma and Moral Injury among veterans, offering profound insights on effective clinical and peer support practices.

Jim Wong, USMC Veteran, Head of the California Veterans Chamber of Commerce

Amidst the global pandemic and recent strife domestically with senseless acts of violence, Doc Springer helped put it all into perspective, and gave us the inspiration we needed to persevere. Thank you, Doctor, for sharing your insights. For leaders looking to make a mental health impact within their organizations, please consider inviting Dr. Springer and doing a collective read of her book WARRIOR. The book has fundamentally changed my approach to mental health.

Adam Dikker, Co-President, VALOR at S&P Global Intelligence

One of the best speakers I've seen at USAA.

Jocelyn B., USAA

Dr. Springer, thank you for unpacking this topic in a way that brought fresh insight and understanding to those that support loved ones who suffer from PTS. You left us all wanting to learn more. The feedback during the meeting chat was fantastic.

Kimberly Harris, USAA

Dr. Springer’s work has direct relevance to the corporate environment. When applied correctly, her insights result in direct and positive outcomes; this I have proven more than once in my ten years in corporate work since my retirement from the Marine Corps.

SgtMaj Doug Castle (USMC, Ret).

Dr. Shauna Springer’s insights are exactly what our civilian supporters, employers, military, and veteran community need to truly understand and support our combat veterans. She is the only mental health professional I have met who unequivocally understands the warrior ethos. And now she shares what she has learned a way anyone can understand.

Amy Shick, Military Spouse Entrepreneur

Dr. Springer has clearly spent time in the trenches with warriors, battling their demons. She suggests tools and mindsets that I believe will transform warrior and officer wellness! Veterans and LEOs.

Christopher Littrell, OIF/OEF Air Force Veteran, Police Officer

Thank you, Shauna Springer, Ph.D. for coming on to speak. It came at the right time, and I took away some really good practical ideas.

Tom Whalen, McKesson Healthcare Sales Leader

"Doc" Shauna Springer has incredible academic credentials coupled with very practical experience on the front lines supporting thousands of our men and women in uniform and their families. No one has taught me more about best practices and the science of supporting those dealing with stress and trauma.

Col Scott Jensen (USMC, Ret)

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED that. Thank you, Shauna Springer, Ph.D. for shedding valuable insight into this situation we find ourselves in all too often.

Terry Corcoran, McKesson Healthcare Business Development Manager

Doc Springer – thank you for sharing your indisputable subject matter expertise. Your name recognition and knowledge obviously led to a large turnout and provided immediate credibility to the topic. I am confident listeners either said “Oh my gosh, I’m not crazy – this is common” or “I never realized someone would experience things in that way.”

Rich Stinson, LTC, US Army (Ret)

Doc, you've been tattooed onto the fabric of this Warrior tribe and we wouldn't be the same with you. Semper Fi.

Brian Vargas

USMC Combat Veteran (3/4 Lima Company)

I wish there would have been a book such as WARRIOR 51 years ago when I came back from Vietnam. WARRIOR is an outstanding read by an author, if you didn’t know better, would think was a Marine.

Dana Obrien

Former Sgt of Marines, 1966-1972

The SOF community Warriors are a different breed of folks. When Doc Springer began to speak, it was as if she had been inside MY HEAD. From that moment she had my undivided attention.

Hospital Corpsmen Chris Baird

United States Navy (RET)

Doc Springer not only has the knowledge to help warriors on the homefront, but also the compassion, empathy and tools to help regain a healthy and happy life after deployments and post-service.

Jen Satterly

Author of Arsenal of Hope, Co-Founder/CEO of All Secure Foundation

Doc Springer is able to break through to some of the most stoic military groups. She has demonstrated the ability to manage crucial decision-making points which are only seen from the very best leaders that I have seen in 28 years in the military.

Hector Franco

Sergeant Major (RET)

We need warriors in our tribe to order, read, & sew deeply down into your heart the lessons of Doc Springer’s book WARRIOR; they are written in blood.


(Army Veteran and Military Spouse)

Doc Springer has been there for us since day one. She has been a part of our “sacred circle.” She has heard and seen our souls’ cry.

Rumaldo Parra

Master Sergeant, USMC (Ret)

Doc Springer’s wisdom, both penetrating and insightful, has the power to save a life.

Bill Edmonds

Special Forces officer and author of God Is Not Here

Shauna Springer is the only civilian psychologist equipped to pull struggling warriors into the light with tenacity and teamwork, not condescension or coddling.

Dan Jernigan

Marine Corps Officer

Doc Springer sticks her hand deep into the dark mire and pulls struggling warriors straight into the sunshine – right where they belong

Major Scott Huesing

Best-selling Author, Echo in Ramadi Dr.

You expose yourself to a Doctor. You reveal yourself to a “Doc.” “Doc” Shauna Springer is a civilian psychologist that warfighters embrace as a part of the tribe.

Magnus Johnson

Former green beret

Shauna Springer, the author of WARRIOR, is a warrior in her own right. The insights she delivers are the product of rarely given trust and openness that she’s earned over years with our warfighter community

Karl Marlantes

Best-selling author of Matterhorn and recipient of the Navy Cross

“Shauna’s creative and ingenious approach is a welcome addition to the national dialogue on suicide prevention. She effectively cuts across disciplines and breaks down prohibitive silos to bring through a new way of understanding a complex issue to both military/veteran and civilian populations. The field of suicide prevention and our communities are much better off thanks to Shauna and her work.”

Colleen Creighton

Colleen Creighton, Executive Director of the American Association of Suicidology

“Dr. Shauna Springer has proven to be an asset to leadership within both the military and veteran community. Her dedication to Veterans and their families is very clear and she has uniquely perceptive abilities that are greatly valued within the suicide prevention community. Fortunately for us – she has always been available to consult and share her expertise with our staff, veterans and family members. A true treasure.”

Dr. Keita Franklin

Former National Director of Suicide Prevention for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

Over 19 years as an infantry Marine and I have never met someone like Shauna "Doc" Springer. She was able to empathize with me, become a part of the pack, and translate my inner thoughts into constructive interactions. I think of her as one of the corpsmen embedded into my platoon.

Keola Lee

1stSgt Keola Lee, USMC (active duty)

Dr. Springer understands how and when to ask bold questions and make necessary blunt statements in order to heal or guide.

Nathan D. Johnson

Lead Veterans Service Officer for Contra Costa County Marine Corps Veteran

Shauna is someone I deeply trust, and that doesn't come easy between combat Veterans and (former) VA psychologists. She isn't afraid to enter, what can often be, the lion's den of peoples' minds. She joins people where they're at, and literally and figuratively, enters their wilderness alongside them. Dr. Springer did not self-appoint herself the nickname, "Doc Springer" -- rather that coveted term, given only to those we truly respect, was given to her by Veterans, born out of countless hours of listening to, caring for, and cultivating understanding for Veterans' experiences.

Ryan Berg

Combat USMC Veteran Producer, Veterans Voices

Doc Springer is one of us... she understands a warrior’s worth beyond war. She is a key member of my tribe and I know she's always got our six!

David Bachmann

Combat Marine Corps Veteran

As a three-time combat veteran and former battalion commander, I don't see Doc Springer as a practitioner that supports the military community, I see her as standing within our ranks to tackle those unspeakable issues shoulder to shoulder with the men and women who endure invisible wounds from otherwise forgotten wars.

Jason Roncoroni, MBA, MS, CPC, ELI-MP

Founder of Ordinary Hero Coaching (Transition and Executive Coaching for Veteran Leaders)

As a Marine Corps combat veteran and licensed clinical social worker in the VA, I recognize her impact in the veteran community and ability to earn the trust of a population that can be very guarded. More than any other civilian, Shauna “gets it.” Her continued work and writing will fundamentally change the way we work with veterans experiencing grief, loss, and trauma.

Mike Ergo

Vet Center Director, Rohnert Park (USMC Iraq War Combat Veteran and sponsored Ironman Triathlete)