Dr. Shauna Springer's wisdom, both penetrating and insightful, has the power to save a life.”

--Bill Edmonds, Special Forces Officer and author of God is Not Here



A Harvard graduate who has become a trusted Doc to our nation’s military warfighters, Shauna ‘Doc’ Springer navigates different cultures with exceptional agility. WARRIOR is full of her uniquely perceptive insights on trauma recovery, post-traumatic growth, psychological health, and interpersonal relationships, developed from two decades of work at the extremes.

In WARRIOR, Doc Springer takes us close to the struggles of our bravest citizens during and after they face traumatic challenges. She draws from the experiences of our warfighters to help us understand true courage and the bonds of love that keep all of us in the fight.

As she explains…
“We continually thank warriors for their service – yet treat them as though they are broken gear. We donate millions of dollars to support warriors, yet they tell me that they feel invisible, like ghosts passing unseen through a culture that is utterly alien to them. Through my unique role as a trusted psychologist and ‘Doc’ to our nation’s warfighters, I’ve learned insights that can help us navigate this time of unprecedented trauma. WARRIOR is a book about the isolation, grief, shame, moral injury, pain, shock and sense of disconnection that are the central challenge to bringing our warriors home from war—and confronting the current crisis of our personal and national mental health.”



“Read and study this book and help a Warrior and their family; lead yourself into a deeper level of insight, for your own wellness and to promote mental wellness in those you influence; Doc Springer has earned my trust and she ‘gets it.’”

-SgtMaj (USMC, Ret) Doug Castle

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“What Lieutenant Colonel (ret) Grossman’s On Combat did for the military professional’s understanding of the application of violence in the moment, Dr. Springer’s WARRIOR does for Marines during ‘the long periods of tranquility at home.’ WARRIOR is a must read for any military leader (that means you).”

-Marine Corps Officer Dan Jernigan

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-Carl Forsling (USMC Veteran and Acclaimed Journalist)

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“Doc Springer captures the thoughts, feelings, fears and passions like no one else. She has clearly spent time in the trenches with warriors, battling their demons and working toward wellness. She suggests tools and mindsets that I believe have the power to transform warrior and officer wellness.”

-Chris Littrell, Police Officer and Police1 Columnist

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“This is a book that should be required reading for all veterans and those who work with them. The information in this book needs to be known by all who care.”

-Tom Werzyn

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